Ann Buss

Ann Buss is an oil painter who often uses an expressionistic style. She says, “I paint a lot by instinct–the way I did art as a child. I don’t have formal training in art, but had private teaching when I lived in South Africa. I also come from a family layers deep in art and that’s the environment I grew up in. But aside from childhood, South Africa was were I really started painting when my youngest went to preschool. Before that I was all Mom, and before that I was getting a degree in English at Dickinson. I thought I wanted to be a writer, but in my 30’s it dawned on me that I wanted to do something with images, that I loved the process of making images. So I journeyed back to paint and drawing and art and now 14 years later I have 5 big kids, a studio, several awards, and lots of things I want to paint. Mostly I am fascinated by figures and faces. I use color to set me in motion.”