Featured MamaCITA Member Interviews

Rebecca Schultz

Featured Artist: Rebecca Schultz Interview by Karen Hunter McLaughlin Since we've featured our MamaCITA artists in 2016, we've added a few new members. Rebecca Schultz and I have gotten to know each other a little since working together on some new printmaking...

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Megan Grugan

Featured Artist Megan Grugan
Interview by Nathalie Borozny

Featured artist Megan Grugan talks about thinking in color, creative decision making, and how she communicates through her encausting paintings.

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Julie Mann

Featured Artist Julie Mann
Interview by Mo Ganey

Mo Ganey recently had the pleasure of interviewing featured artist Julie Mann to learn about the many tools she employs to create art, and how she got involved in MamaCITA.

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Lisa Kelley

Featured Artist Lisa Kelley
Interview by Julie Mann

Lisa Kelley is a mixed-media artist, outreach coordinator at Abington Art Center, director and graphic designer of Angels in Motion.

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Dana Scott

Featured Artist Dana Scott
Interview by Teresa Shields

Dana Scott is a MamaCITA and a multi-disciplinary artist working in the Philadelphia area. Her work is about observation, discovery, and detail.

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Brenda Howell

Featured Artist Brenda Howell
Interview by Karen Hunter McLaughlin

Karen Hunter McLaughlin and Brenda Howell sat down recently for a conversation about art, friendship, motivation and MamaCITA.

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Audrey Sullivan

Featured Artist Audrey Sullivan
Interview by Rashidah Salam

Featured artist Audrey Sullivan is a MamaCITA affilitated member who lives and works in Farmville, Virginia. Audrey is founder and creative director of Red Door 104, an art studio and unique learning center.

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Nathalie Borozny

Featured Artist Nathalie Borozny
Interview by Megan Greenholt

Nathalie Borozny, our newest MamaCITA member talks about papermaking and her unique approach to photographic art.

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Janice Hayes-Cha

Featured Artist, Janice Hayes Cha
Interview by Kimberly Mehler

Boston artist Janice Hayes-Cha on creative inspiration, life challenges, feminism and Philly…

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Gillian Bedford

Featured Artist Gillian Bedford
Interview by Glynis Raisch

Expressionist painter Gillian Beford– “More than being interested by the changing light on a subject, I care deeply about the emotion my work creates and about expressing what is inside of me.”

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Michelle Ciarlo-Hayes

Featured Artist Michelle Ciarlo-Hayes
Written by Julia Rix

A Studio of Her Own

Yes, all of the appropriate permits were obtained, a proper foundation was laid, and even soffit vents were all aptly installed.

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Rashidah Salam

Featured Artist: Rashida Salam
Interview by: Janice Hayes-Cha

Meet Rashidah Salam, artist & professor at Philadelphia University who grew up in Malaysia!

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Megan Greenholt

Featured Artist Megan Greenholt
Written by Julia Rix

Megan Greenholt and her garden live in St. Peter’s Village in Chester County, PA

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Julia Rix

Featured Artist Julia Rix
Interview by Karen Hunter McLaughlin

Dig into how award winning print and watercolor artist, and art blogger, Julia Rix, stays motivated and where she finds inspiration.

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Ann Buss

Featured Member, Painter Ann Buss
Interview by Julia Rix

Artist Ann Buss is a figurative painter with a degree in creative writing who lived in South Africa for 10 years.

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Rosemary Markowski

Featured Artist Rosemary Markowski
Interview by Julia Rix

Affilated MamaCITA member, Rosemary Markowski is a sculptor, oil painter and art teacher who now lives in rural Virginia.

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Karen Hunter McLaughlin

Featured Member Karen McLaughlin
Interview by Julia Rix

To find out a little bit more about the soul within her very keen mind, I asked her a few questions about her practice in Fine Art…

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Mo Ganey

Featured Artist Mo Ganey
Interview by GIllian Bedford

“I started to paint very simple designs with line and color and fell in love with painting. “

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Kimberly Mehler

Featured Artist Kimberly Mehler
Interview by Michelle Ciarlo Hayes

Michelle Ciarlo-Hayes sat down with Kimberly to play a bit of art-related word association so we could learn more about Kim’s creativity and inspiration.

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Teresa Westkaemper

Featured Artist Teresa Shields
Interview by Ann Buss

Teresa describes herself as an artist who works in fiber at this moment.
Interview by Ann Buss

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Glynis Raisch

Featured Artist Glynis Raisch
Interview by Audrey Sullivan

Featured Artist Glynis Raisch is a painter, graphic designer, wife and mother of two.
“I like to see the brush strokes. I’m drawn to the more painterly and abstract. I guess that’s where I use my children’s artwork as inspiration.”

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Lisa Tarkett-Reed

Featured Artist Lisa Tarkett-Reed
Interview by Brenda Howell

“Since 2010, I have been a member of The Artists’ Gallery in Frederick, Maryland. TAG is an artists’ cooperative where I enjoyed the opportunity to interact with other artists and exhibit and publicize my work.”

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Melissa Borko Tevere

Featured Artist Melissa Borko Tevere
Interview by Karen Hunter McLaughlin

“I have been seriously making art since high school. My family was very poor, (though I never really realized how poor), and I knew that if I wanted to be the first person in my family to go to college, I had to get a scholarship and I was determined!”

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